Save Money By Making Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home with America’s Restaurant Recipes 1

When I got a laid off a little over a year ago, my husband (fiance at the time) and I had to cut back significantly on our spending. So as if having to trade in my Victoria’s Secret for Walmart and staying at home every weekend to save a buck wasn’t bad enough, we could no longer afford to go to eat every evening. This meant I had to learn how to cook =x. To be perfectly honest I had no idea what i was going to do. I used my stove for storage for crying out loud! I didn’t even have the thing plugged in! haha. Using the microwave or toaster oven to reheat last nights Red Lobster or Olive Garden was my idea of good home cooking! 🙂

So when I finally succumbed to the realization I needed to buckle down and learn how to cook I took to the internet; in search of something relieve my woes. That’s when I came across this website for America’s Restaurant Recipes 1.

As I glanced over the webpage, I loved the idea of being able to cook food that tasted like my favorite dishes from some of my favorite restaurants. I read the entire page; right down to the fine print. And I figured for $30, even if it couldn’t teach me how to cook, at least it would give me some good recipes for when I did finally learn how to cook. I received my book faster than I had expected and immediately opened it to search through the many, many recipes. To my surprise, it contained recipes to some of the most popular dishes; including my all time favorite Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits!! I swear I could eat just those as a meal for a month straight haha.

As soon as I saw this, I made way to the marketplace to purchase the ingredients. Went straight home and started cooking. To my surprise, the recipe was extremely easy to follow along with which made my cooking handicap, not seem like such a handicap after all. After following the recipe word for word and allowing the allotted bake time my Cheddar Bay Biscuits were finally done. They smelled scrumptious! I didn’t even give it time to cool before popping one into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe that me, ME!, was not only able to cook something as delicious as those biscuits but that they tasted EXACTLY like I remembered from Red Lobster! When Ian, my fiance at the time, now husband, came home and tried one, he admitted that if the dishes from making them weren’t still in the kitchen sink he would have never believed something home-made was produced in that kitchen and actually tasted good.

Since I had such great success with my first attempt at cooking with the assistance of my America’s Restaurant Recipes 1I began trying more and more recipes and to my delight they were all just as easy to follow and delicious.

America's Restaurant Recipes 1To save money, spend more quality time at home with family, and make delicious meals your family will love get America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 today!


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